Daisy Rose Gardeners

Central Bath, Tyning End

Large town Garden with Pond



The client was keen to create a garden that would encourage wild life, so this had to be reflected in the planting and hence the reason for a pond. Due to the length of the garden, it was essential to have a space at each end were you could relax and socialise.  

This was achieved by constructing two circular areas edged from mild steel sections and timber sleepers, the finish was compacted crushed Cotswold stone to help keep a soft natural feel to the space. 

The pond was designed as a two tier pond, with a deeper top pond for the variety of deep water plants used and the lower larger pond was planted out using traditional marginal plants. The pond water circulated via a stepped water fall.

The pond was constructed from a flexible Butyl liner, and dressed using Cotswold Rubble stone.

Both the main borders were planted out with additional perennials, the main lawn was regarded and seeded.

After 22 years I felt that it was time to transform my garden from a series of overgrown trees and  
odd paving areas interspersed with patches of grass to something beautiful that I could relax in - but 
not too high maintenance for my limited gardening skills. Looking on the internet at garden 
designers I started to panic at the lack of costs displayed and also how formal they all looked. I knew 
what I did and didn’t want – just how it needed to be set out was concerning me and I had a budget 
to keep to. Someone at the local garden centre suggested Darren and we had an initial chat which 
was free. It was obvious that Darren wasn’t daunted by all my pictures, cuttings and ideas and we 
quickly moved to planning. The great thing about working with Darren is that he truly listens, his 
ideas were good but if there was something I wasn’t sure about he was happy to go back to the 
drawing board and work on it; I never felt that I had to go with his ideas or that I was being a 
nuisance (which I’m sure on several occasions I was!).
Initially I was going to have the work done in 2 phases to help my budget, Darren was happy with this 
and his weekly bills helped me budget carefully and he never came up with unexpected 
costs - everything was discussed in advance . Did I go over budget? Yes! But this was for 2 reasons; 
because the work was so good I decided to go for all of the project being completed at once and also 
the pond ended up being a lot bigger. So although the initial budget wasn’t kept to it was by choice.
I have received lots of compliments about the garden since it was completed, particularly the 
circular seating areas. I can sit in different areas of the garden and catch the sun all day, and the 
planting allows for colour throughout the year. The pond is a haven for wildlife and although I am 
not happy with the heron, the kingfisher that graced us this autumn was lovely - not something I 
expected to see in the centre of Bath.  I am delighted with the end result.
Darren has continued to help me with the garden over the last year as the new designs have bedded 
down and the plants have matured. I have recommended Darren to friends who themselves have 
recommended him to their friends.
Esme Bristow